I am surprised by the quality of the image tcl55s405 smart tv. I went to this purchase and wanted a bigger and cheaper TV for the master bedroom. So far, I’m on the floor, the photo sweeps my Panasonic plasma, which I bought a few years ago (for three times the price). The Roku operating system is very simple. The integration of the antenna and USB memory for live programming are excellent.

A small element that I can choose is the white LED on the bottom center of the tcl55s405 smart tv, which stays on after turning it off. I have not set all the parameters yet, I will publish an update if I can deactivate it. Update: the LED can be deactivated in the configuration of the power configuration.

If this set can continue to work, I will replace my main Panasonic plasma with the new TCL C series

The photo comes from a nature show “The Hunt”, which was broadcast by Netflix.

I can not imagine a better image for the price. Together with the Roku operating system, I am very satisfied with this purchase tcl55s405 smart tv.

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