So I bought this tcl roku tv 55 a week before Thanksgiving at amazon. It had a selling price of 400 and I decided not to wait for Black Friday because the 55 inches were not included in the crazy Blackfriday discounts. And I wanted it fast!

Let’s move on to tcl roku tv 55 now. This is a beautifully designed 4K TV with excellent image quality. The Roku system with which it is delivered is absolutely amazing, which in turn adds enormous benefits to this TV compared to other smart TVs. With the Roku application on your phone, you can access YouTube applications or other applications over the phone. It also has a remote function. The television itself also has a remote control. You can also connect a Bluetooth headset to your phone and then just route the sound from your TV to your headphones (note that this does not work for devices connected through an HDMI cable, such as a cable box, for example). it works for TV applications like Netflix, Youtube, Plex, etc.). tcl roku tv 55 has a lot of applications in its channel store. You can also add many private channels by searching online and inserting a code into your online Roku account that installs the channel on your TV. The configuration of the television is very simple. It is compatible with Ethernet and WLAN. It also supports Wi-Fi in the 5 GHz band, but I had to configure my router at 48 GHz to 5 GHz instead of automatically configuring it to detect Wi-Fi faster, instead of normal Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz if It has a dual band router.

The quality of the image and sound fits me perfectly. I am not an expert in television and, surely, there may be TVs with even better picture quality, but I saw many 4k movies here and even when I was right next door. From the TV, I felt that I could enter the TV, because it sounded very real. I am more than satisfied, I am very satisfied with the quality of the image. The sound sometimes must be loud in my decoder, but I think the problem comes from the decoder and not from the tcl roku tv 55.

The Roku system is so good that I can not rent it enough. I can easily duplicate my laptop or YouTube from my phone on TV without having to change the Chromecast entries. It automatically changes when I connect to the Roku through my mobile phone or my laptop. You can even use your iPhone to create websites with different applications compatible with Roku in the App Store. I can even use my APPLE WATCH as a remote control to use an application that can also be included in your Apple Watch! Is incredible!
The TV also automatically records the Roku system.

One of the improvements for tcl roku tv 55 I would recommend is adding a web browser that this TV does not have.

If you do not want to spend a fortune, but you want to have a beautiful picture on your TV, IT’S PURCHASING! You will not be disappointed.

tcl 55s405
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