I changed a 100 “projector to 1080p, which I only miss for the size of the image.This TV is spectacular, but I am a movie aficionado, I would like a more advanced image configuration, especially the option to disable the interpolation of Standard 1080p Blu-ray discs is daunting, but it can be fixed because I will come soon, I will not go into details, there are other reviews and I agree with the positive aspects, the photo is great for the price, but the backlight is a little irregular, which does not bother me when the screen is mainly one color / tone.

The real reason I leave this report is to tell you how to fix it, which was almost an image problem for me when I play 24p content. I was reading a new Blu-ray on my PS4 (not a Blu-ray UHD) and, like any Cinephile, I should set my PS4 to play a 24p signal when it’s available (most Blu-ray movies) . This resulted in horrible artifacts during fast and panoramic movements, especially in dark scenes. (Pretty bad, I just wanted to return it, but I decided to sleep with him). After thinking and adjusting my settings, I discovered that most of the time, the use of the PS4 244 corrects this problem. But I would not recommend it.

The best solution I found was to access the “Expert Image Settings” menu (using the Roku application on your phone) and set the noise reduction to “Off”. I suppose this TV has a native 60 Hz refresh rate, a 3: 2 drop of 24p signals, and then tries to add 36 seconds per second between the original 24 frequencies (which is common for 60 Hz TVs) ) The noise reduction considers many of these artificial frames as “noise” and tries to soften them. This is probably what causes artifacts and ghosts during movement. You may think that the software will ignore the artificial images created by the TV when the noise is removed, but that does not seem to be the case and both features face an absolutely insurmountable disorder on the screen.

Do not take my word for what seems best. Try it yourself. Try turning off 24p on your Blu-ray player. Try it by simply turning off the noise reduction. Try both. I prefer noise reduction, but each one is different. I will be honest If I had not solved the problem, the TV would have been necessarily returned and bought something with advanced image settings, but at a much higher price. It was so bad

I hope it helps you.

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