It was the first new roku tcl55s405 TV I bought. So far, it has been scrapped and used cheaply. I was very upset when the first unit I received was broken. However, the process of return and exchange was simple and free and only took two days before the replacement arrives. It was shipped in the original box, which is very well packed. I think the first TV was just a coincidence. However, this is a colorful TV box, so the delivery person will probably not let you at your door. I had to be there for UPS to go. But they did not oblige me to sign anything, so it may be unpredictable in your area. Pay attention to this with your order.

Roku tcl55s405 evaluation. Wow I’m impressed that I had Netflix so far, this is a great update for me. Now I am connected to Roku and have added many channels to my TV to begin the transition from cable television. I have not tried the OTA tuner yet, but I will get it sometime. If you have problems, I will update this review. If it works, I probably will not bother it. There are 3 HDMI inputs (one is enabled for ARC). It has a SPDIF output, which I have connected to my stereo system. It also has an RCA input, which consists of the old school that I have connected to my SNES. I’m really glad they kept such an old post.

Now the only downside. I’m very familiar with the technology, but most new technologies do not really interest me. Design and program computers to life. I understand hardware and software. I had no trouble setting up this TV and was impressed with the integration of various web services. But I think of my parents with a TV like this. If they could not get him to set it up and teach them several times how to use it several times, they would return it. For an “average” person who has minimal knowledge of their iPhone, this roku tcl55s405 TV is a challenge to configure. This can only be the state of the art in consumer technology, as TCL and Roku appear to have made great efforts to ensure that the options are well presented and organized. But there is a lot. Do not buy this TV for older parents, unless you want to play with each visit. But for the rest it is a solid purchase and you will not be disappointed.

Oh, and since it is a “TV”, the picture quality is excellent. This is not the best I have ever seen, but very, very good. Especially for this price.

Update: I’m old enough to remember the day advertisers suddenly realized that they could record their ads at a higher volume so the networks could play at a higher volume and CANCEL ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS! I am new to smart roku tcl55s405 TVs. Maybe it’s a free resort. Maybe it’s just a mistake on this show. Heck could even be a software bug. However, laws written in response to loud television advertising may not apply to the broadcasting of content. Although it really is not serious. I’m always satisfied with that, and like analogue TVs, the MUTE button works perfectly when ads appear.

TCL 55S405
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