Today I cook “sup gearbox” or in Kelantan called Cow Foot Soup, my favorite food since childhood. This gearbox is from Kelantan. hahaha when the cow legs of the new Klate are best, the meat is big and fresh. My brother brought her from Kelantan.

When the meat is fresh, we can smell it as we boil it again. I’m lazy to buy a cow’s foot here, first because it’s not full. The contents are smooth and stick to the bone. Second, it’s not fresh. When boiled, we already know it’s frozen. Unlike Kelantan, cows are slaughtered every day, so it is not a problem to get fresh meat.

Long ago, when the family made the “qurban”, my father’s spirit would bring back the cow’s feet and burn them on the fire first, on the skin of the leg. Then cut and boil. But now that it’s easier, I don’t see anyone burning or chewing on their feet. Everything is easy …

When it comes to gearbox, it’s just good for soup. If the ribs, they can also make a “singgang”. So today, I only cook soup so that the sauce can be inhaled and tasted fresh. How to make soup, everyone knows. But no matter what, I share how I cook “sup gearbox“. Let’s do it.

sup gearbox

Gearbox Soup Recipe

How to:
Cows’ feet are boiled until tender.

Cow feet cut off
Red onion
Spice powder soup
Saute spices
fried onions

Saute onion, garlic and ginger sliced with cinnamon, apricot. When dry, add the powdered soup mixture.

Stir-fry over low heat until fragrant and fragrant.
Then, pour everything into the pot bone. Add salt and seasoning powder.

hmmm very very best …

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